amuletic jewellery

amulet of imperfection

a guardian tiger
& a guardian lion

embroidery tiger & lion lucky charms

A guardian tiger & A guardian lion

When a new baby is born, the amulets are given by parents and elder family members to wish the baby strong and healthy. The amulets are deeply associated with the love and affection from parents to children. Therefore, I want to create an amulet which can be given as a present and continuously be worn with various ways. Let the love, wishes and memories be always remembered.

The whole piece is like a present set. The piece can be separated and changed to how the wearer wants to wear. And the pieces will still be able to tell their own story.

In Asia, tiger and lion are the symbols - king of the wild animals. People believe that their images can keep the evil sprits away. Tiger images are used into embroidery and sewed on childrenˇ¦sˇ¦ clothes. Lion images are used to protect families and houses.


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Rita Bey Yu Lin