amuletic jewellery

amulet of imperfection

a guardian tiger
& a guardian lion

embroidery tiger & lion lucky charms

My inspiration always comes from every little thing in my daily life. One day, I found that there is an object which is not jewellery, watches, clothes or shoes but I wear or take with me everyday °Vamulet.

°•An amulet is a device, the purpose of which is to protect, but by magical and not physical means°¶, according to Sheila Paine in the book °•Amulets °VA World of Secret Powers, Charms and Magic°¶.

An amulets is something you believe that can protect you away from danger, illness, accident and bad luck. I am not strongly believing them, but I still feel safe when wearing, because all of my amulets are come from my mother. The amulets are deeply associated with the love and affection between people. I tried to find out and created a new collection of amulets to tell stories of love, relationships, and protection. By wearing my amuletic jewellery, I hope it can provide people with some warmth and comfort in their everyday lives.



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Rita Bey Yu Lin