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amulet of imperfection

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Amulet of imperfection

There is an ancient belief from Egypt and indo-Europe called the evil eye. The evil eye will attract by perfection and harm people. In the book, there is a tradition in Syria íV no matter how the woman is good at the embroidery, she always leaves imperfection such as miss stitches to avert the evil eye.

In other words, what people are afraid of is the jealousy power from the other people. Therefore, the amulets are made for showing the imperfection proudly. Everyone always try to hide their imperfect part, so it is a very contrast but interesting way of wearing.

Everyone has different definition of imperfection. So, I decided to develop an imperfect making process, which I know that I can make it perfectly, but I leave imperfection on purpose. From the perfect knotting, then trying to make mistakes, like loose the knot, more and more, and I found an imperfect beautiful pattern of my own.


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Rita Bey Yu Lin